Friday, December 2, 2011

YouTube Friday: The Deals are Amazing!

Alright. So this has nothing to do with LARP. Honestly, I just posted this video because my Pandora station has started playing the Epic Rap Battles of History and I love the Slap Chop Guy.

And it just so happens that there's a pretty decent sale for LARPers in Ohio that is available for a limited time only from NERO Cincinnati. Here's the email I received from Eric.

Everyone loves a sale right?

Starting tonight (whenever I get it loaded (probably around 9ish)) you'll be able to prepay for ANY game in 2012 for $5 off per day! This deal will only last until Sunday (12/4) Saturday (12/10) and then will be back to the normal price. These are also only available via the paypal option on our page. Oh, it stacks with our normal $5 discount for prepaying. So you are only paying $35 to go play for a weekend. Oh, and does apply to next year's 10 day.

Starting today through the 10th of December we will be running a 25% off on all weapons, armor, and everything else we sell from epic armoury. See this for the products (you'll have to price conversion) and then take 25%. Contact for what we have instock, how to order, or any other questions.
Normal shipping rates will apply.
*All orders placed before December 10th will be shipped out by the 16th and therefore we can not guarantee (we will try) that they will be in by Christmas.*
Please remember all sales are final.

Third! In honor of Glen's Birthday and how much we love our vendors!
If you buy anything from our vendors Glen, Brian, Dragon's Hoard, Sword and Rose, or Tunky's Costuming between now and the 15th of December we'll give you an additional $5 off your next game. Make sure to get a copy of the receipt and have them sign AND date it. Then bring that to the next game and BOOM $5 back.
*Purchase must be over $10. You can use one coupon per event, but only one coupon per person per merchant will be accepted (they will be marked on all your character sheets). But if you buy something from all 5 of the merchants that gives you five "5 dollar off coupons" to use through out 2012*

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all the Nero Cincinnati staff and thank you for your continued support.


Edit: Extended the deadline for prepay discount, as per Eric's comment.


  1. We actually just increased the deadline on the first one from the 4th to the 10th to give our players extra time if they wanted to prepay for any of the games next year.

  2. Revised the post to show the extension.