Friday, March 18, 2011

YouTube Friday: SKBC Advanced Sword and Board

This video is a bit of a blast from the past, but I think it's a good one for people to look at. This is a class from Sword Knight Boot Camp (SKBC) 2006, brought to us by Sir Dalos.

For those of you unfamiliar with SKBC, it's a 3-4 day event held in a different place every year. At that event, they have a bunch of classes on basically anything you can think of for battle gaming, combined with a metric shit-ton of ditching. Anyone who really wants to be a better fighter can benefit from attending SKBC.

This year's SKBC is in MA, so if you're in that area and are interested, you should check it out here.

While a lot of this video is specific for battle games that let you close on your opponent, you can definitely use a lot of the shield placement and body positioning in any game. I know that I went and grabbed a round shield after watching this video, and it's brutal. While I get a lot of benefit from it on the fact that I'm short, the placement of the grip helps a lot. This is also where I learned the power of the lean.


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  1. If this is the "advanced" session, I have bad news for the trainer if he ever sets foot around our parts. What he shows would work only against someone completely clueless. He exposes his sword arm with absolute contempt for enemy counter attacks.

    Here you can see us training.(I'm the guy with the sailor shirt, ignore the lulzy no shoes part) None of would even try such stuff because the result will be immediate counter attack.