Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shake-Up: Alliance Ohio

Let me start by saying that I'm not an Alliance player and I don't have any additional information than what the public knows. I got all my information from the forums (check it soon, as the boards go down on Friday).

For those of you unaware of what's going on, Alliance Ohio has been found in breach of their contract with Mike Ventrella, owner of Alliance. Now under normal contract rules a chapter is given 30 days to fix the breach of contract before being shut down. After Alliance Ohio was handed the breach, they gave their correction plan to Mike V, who then responded that it would take more than 30 days, so Alliance Ohio would have to cease and desist all game activity. Hence why the game this weekend was cancelled.

The claims Mike V. made said that the game was unprofessional due to some problems with logistics, not using tags, not using monster cards, not requiring spell books, and scaling on the fly. From what I've garnered, the only one of those that's really true is logistics, but again, I've only really read it from the perspective of Alliance Ohio.

I can't help but think that part of this is going down due to the creation of the alternate campaign "Andarian." The rules were adjusted and, more importantly, Alliance's closely held rulebook was posted for a short time (before Mike had them take it down).

Anyways, it looks like the players from Alliance Ohio will have to go elsewhere to get their fix. Their options that are close would be to go to the South Michigan chapter, the Pittsburgh chapter (if they ever start running), or try a new game altogether.

To the ownership of Alliance Ohio: If you're still interested in running a game, might I suggest trying the Accelerant ruleset for a test run? Licenses are relatively inexpensive and the system is built to allow a lot of variety without adding too much complexity in the rules.

If you've got any more information on this situation (and aren't breaking any laws/contracts by sharing it), say something in the comments or drop us a line at


  1. I want to echo the Accelerent idea and also mention that "relatively inexpensive" is understating things. As far as I know, you can license Accelerant for a year for the cost of today's lunch.

    I've never played an alliance game, but is altering stats on the fly really so serious there as opposed ot being the kind of thing you train certain staff members to do in the right circumstances when needed?

  2. I want to play Accelerant...

  3. is probably the easiest to just drop in for one event without having to learn 10,000 setting details first.

  4. <- Would much rather learn 10,000 setting details than have to travel long distances.

    Ohio needs some Accelerant.

  5. Well sure, but before you and Tim inevitably run your own Accelerant game you should come play it a time or two out here and get a good sense of its awesomeness. And hey, since I staff Mirror Mirror, we'd even be able to actually meet in person!

  6. Only if there are beers (not at the game).

  7. Demmit. My backup plan for when I get banned from nero (again) is gone.

    Curse you, Mike V.!