Friday, September 2, 2011

YouTube Friday: How to Make a Mask

Guess what? MOAR PROP STUFF!

This is a big roundabout adventure around me working that Sintra armor. I've been messing with it, and it really is a nice medium. However, I was wondering if there was a way for me to make it into a robotic mask, but I realized I would probably need to get a mold of my face.

Which led me to this little gem. This actually looks a lot easier than I once thought (not in a "your job is easy" way but in the way that I never thought it would be accessable). It's also not nearly as expensive as I once thought. The only thing stopping me at this point is that I have to wait for Christmas (to get gifts), and the fact that I'm not as artistic as I could be.

But either way, check out this 5 step instruction video on how to make masks.


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